Unrequested Miracle

Sudden, incarnate love

(too tiny yet to make your tummy bulge)

dawns to wax unseen within your self

as the dream of you

once grew within my womb.


Younger arms than mine,

and shoulders twice as broad,

now offer comfort in my stead,

and taste your salty tears

dream-mingled with his own.


Questing life, unplanned, unsought,

exerts itself and shapes

two futures to its need –

distorts your belly

and your dreams.


But dreams are living things

and living things must grow

and change, and not lie flat

espaliered to a wall

of might-have-beens that never were.


Like birds, they soar aloft

when friendly breezes spiral high,

but use their wings to climb beyond

when faced by winds that blow awry –

or not at all.


My child, now grown too tall

for me to hold, and cradle in my arms

cradles yet another life.

A part of you, and him – and me.


Tend your fledgling dreams.

Fling them toward the sky.

Unfold your wings together

and teach this child to fly.